What Not To Do (When You Have a Dessert Fail)

The effortless way out would be to run to the store, buy what they have made, and pass it off as your own. A few problems come with this deception. First, you really don’t know what they used to make it or how much of it they used. You could be sensitive to an ingredient and have a negative reaction. It could be toxic to your system.

Another issue is you are fooled into believing it was “made fresh daily”.

Actually, it was made and frozen weeks or months in advance, shipped to your local store, then thawed some time that week. Without question, nothing tastes as good as homemade!

It is worth saying- that in the time it took you to run to the store, select an uncertain dessert, pay extra for convenience, and come back home to pretend as if you did any real work in the baking process, then decorate their dessert- you could have tried to make it again, and succeeded.

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