Top 4 for Cake Mix Magic!

Why do we believe that we must make everything from scratch every time?

Sure, we love the bragging rights and accomplishment of baking an amazing dessert from scratch. But who has time for that labor-intensive method after a long day of working, parenting, or adulting? "Not I!", said Monique. I'd much rather appreciate the convenience of cake mixes. Why complicate a good thing? You may not know this, but many professional bakers on t.v. use cake mixes for their elaborately decorated cakes.

Here are my top four reasons for using cake mix for recipes:

  1. Peace of mind: consistent quality, bake after bake 

  2. Dietary friendly: mixes come gluten-free, vegan, or sugar-free

  3. Storage: simple to stock and store

  4. Speed: shorter production times

With our Cake Mix Magic recipes, we show you creative ways to use this easy-peasy solution for extraordinary baking! #SweetenFamilyTime What's your favorite cake mix recipe? Comment below.

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