How to reconnect with your child

Updated: Feb 6

😨 Sometimes my children's upset, anxious, angry, whining, tantrums, or other difficult behaviors make me feel really disconnected from him or her- even when I'm trying my hardest to understand them. Through much prayer and active therapy, I've learned how to set the behaviors aside and see them as attempting to


With my oldest son, he's usually overwhelmed with responsibilities and wants a break. This looks like me asking him for a small favor and him responding with a grand gesture of frustration. After my initial shock- I respond with silly voices, crazy dances, or text him corny emoji jokes to make him laugh. Our de-stressing engagements


Pastry Playground's fun-ness and "Communicate" conversation starters.

My daughter usually wants attention or entertainment. When she bursts into my room, she will get upset when I tell her to wait until I finish what I'm working on. Sometimes, she'll whine that no one ever plays with her. She's the inspiration and co-creator for most of Pastry Playground's


games because of this need.

My middle son...😳 Maintaining an emotional connection with him feels like 🤯 most days. It takes every bit of


plus a ❤ full of patience to love him through the difficult behaviors. When he's temperamental and tap dancing on my last nerve, I can quickly become stressed all the way out (insert red face emoji with black strip over mouth). How do I handle this? What I have discovered is: Making desserts with me,


is his safe space. We always


He communicates easier & more freely when we're


It's mostly him talking and me actively listening. We always sample the dessert, and often wrap them as gifts to


This "


" is the foundation of Pastry Playground. Because, the only he loves more than me 🥰

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