The only thing kids love more than dessert... is you!

#SweetenFamilyTime with your F.U.N. Guide from Pastry Playground to get the best of both- time and treats! Family Unity Now (F.U.N.) Guides are monthly action plans featuring fun bonding activities and kid-friendly dessert recipes for all to enjoy at home. Most families use them when bored weeknights or weekends.

Upcoming F.U.N. Guide

February: Chocolate Love

Bake, create, communicate, and celebrate love with February's F.U.N. Guide featuring chocolate!

Ways to use your F.U.N. Guide

-Play all day

-Share with others



-You choose

Top 5 for F.U.N.

Making time to get everyone together can be hard, and sometimes all you have is a little bit. Aside from convenience, here are the top five benefits of our F.U.N. Guides-

  1. Created for real families of various ages, stages, and special needs

  2. Baking:  A connection between creative expression and well-being

  3. Mental health: Revitalizes us; improves problem solving skills

  4. Emotional health: Builds self-worth, reduce stress or depression

  5. Physical Health: Fitness through physically-active participation.

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